Plastics shape the future
The special show of the K fair

Start of the K 2019 – impressive numbers presented at the K opening press conference

More than 3,300 exhibitors will be showcasing the complete value chain of the industry at this year’s K 2019. The exhibiting companies at K occupy around 178,000 square metres of exhibition space, equivalent to the size of more than 25 football pitches. To make all this possible around 17,000 trucks delivered the equipement for the booth in the last days. Now, the ranges on display in the 18 fully booked exhibition halls include the whole plastics value change, from the raw material producers to the converters industry, the machinery sector and the recycling industry.

Pressekonferenz Eröffnung K 2019
Opening press conference K 2019

Truly added value for the visitors of K 2019 will be ensured by the extensive supporting programme where the circular economy and sustainability will be key topics. At the Special Show in hall 6, information, thoughts and views will be exchanged, relevant for both trade visitors and interested lay persons. Centrestage this year will be the innovative power unleashed by materials and this indusry in terms of saving resources, digitalisation, functionality, renewable energies, circular economy and sustainability. The backbone of the Special Show will be themed days with lectures, keynotes and panel discussions on the above mentioned aspects, so experts from science, industry, political circles, authorities and non-governmental organisations will share information here.

Last but not least, a glimpse oft he future of robotics and Artificial Intelligence will be presented by young researchers of the FabLab Lübeck e.V.: each day they will be reporting where we are headed in our links to link additive manufacturing with robotics and modern materials and presenting their work with a humanoid robot.