Plastics shape the future
The special show of the K fair


For the 10th time, the K Special Show in hall 6/C40 complemented the extensive Düsseldorf trade fair. The Special Show was a central forum for the exchange of information, ideas and views, attracting both professional visitors and general audiences. As in 2016, its motto was “Plastics shape the future” – with a focus on strong innovations in polymers and the industry with regard to resource conservation, digitisation, renewable energies, sustainability and circular economy.

Theme days with lectures, keynote talks and panel discussions were at the core of “Plastics shape the future”. Experts from science, industry and politics informed about and debate economic, social and ecological challenges and possible solutions. The 7 theme days in detail: The programme was rounded off by film sequences on the innovative potential of plastics, a captivating and witty chemical experimentation show and 3D printing demonstrations that highlight artificial intelligence and modern materials.

Wednesday, 16 October:
Plastics shape the future

Thursday, 17 October:
Plastics for Sustainable Development

Friday, 18 October:
Digitalisation / Plastics Industry 4.0

Saturday, 19 October:
Plastics between circular economy and marine litter

Sunday, 20 October:
Youth & Education/ “Golden Sunday”

Monday, 21 October:
Functionality I (materials, processes, design): additive manufacture, lightweight construction, mobility /
Extra programme item: WAK award ceremony (annual award for Master of PhD theses by the scientific working party of university professors of plastics technology)

Tuesday, 22 October:
Functionality II (materials, processes, design): new materials, additives, bioplastics


and daily

  • Robotics FabLab in Action: Young tinkerers and inventors from Lübeck use plastics and 3D printing to build and programme a humanoid robot
  • Dr. Gerhard Heywang will perform his plastics experiments.
  • Video „Plastics shape the future“


The programme of the Special Show is available online here.