Plastics shape the future
The special show of the K fair


New mobility, robotics, circular economy and more: The films of the K 2019 special show

Every three years the world’s leading trade fair K in Düsseldorf is an important driver for the plastics industry. Many exhibitors save up their groundbreaking innovations for the eight days of the fair in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia. This feeling of renewal and game changing is also reflected by the programme of the K special show “Plastics shape the future” in Hall 6, headed by the German plastics industry.

High relevance in words and cinema scope

Keynote speeches by CEOs and NGOs, discussion rounds with politicians and scientists, and dialogue platforms that give young people a voice – all these events at the K special show provided information on topics that combined plastics-related issues with relevance to society as a whole. In addition, there were impressive moving sections on the large screen of the special show, perfectly mirroring the diversity of messages and solution-oriented approaches.

Even when played on a small screen, the films do not lose their appeal and relevance: they continue to point the way to new forms of mobility, groundbreaking inventions in robotics or important initiatives in the direction of climate protection and circular economy

Have you become curious? Here you can find all the film passages from the K 2019 special show: